Fixed Assets Archive for August 08, 2007

You have accessed an archive of Fixed Assets tables that were initially published on August 08, 2007 in connection with the "annual update" estimate for 2006.

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          Section 1 Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods (0.4 MB)
          Section 2 Private Fixed Assets by Type (1.4 MB)
          Section 3 Private Fixed Assets by Industry (3.5 MB)
          Section 4 Nonresidential Fixed Assets (1.2 MB)
          Section 5 Residential Fixed Assets (0.4 MB)
          Section 6 Private Fixed Assets (0.3 MB)
          Section 7 Government Fixed Assets (1.2 MB)
          Section 8 Consumer Durable Goods (0.4 MB)
          Section 9 Chained Dollar Tables (0.1 MB)
          Section S Survey Tables (0.5 MB)


  • What's New


    August 8, 2007
    The "Standard Fixed Assets Tables" have been updated to incorporate the results from the 2007 annual revision of the national income and product accounts. They reflect new estimates for 2006 and revised estimates for 2004-2005. These tables present estimates of net stocks, depreciation, fixed investment and the average age of net stocks for fixed assets and consumer durable goods. The corresponding "Detailed Fixed Assets Tables" will be released in the near future.


    February 6, 2007
    Newly available and revised estimates for the average age of the net stock of fixed assets and consumer durables are now available. These estimates are presented as the last table(s) in sections 1-8 of the “Standard Fixed Assets Tables.”