NIPA Archive for September 29, 2004

You have accessed an archive of NIPA tables that were initially published on September 29, 2004 in connection with the "final" estimate for 2004 Q2.

All files are in Microsoft Excel format. Beginning in 2010, the .xls files have been split into two--one file contains data ending in 1969, the second contains data beginning in 1969. Please select a section of tables.

             Section Data (billions of dollars)
          Section 1 Domestic Product and Income (8.4 MB)
          Section 2 Personal Income and Outlays (3.4 MB)
          Section 3 Government Current Receipts and Expenditures (4.6 MB)
          Section 4 Foreign Transactions (1.6 MB)
          Section 5 Saving and Investment (3.8 MB)
          Section 6 Income and Employment by Industry (2.7 MB)
          Section 7 Supplemental Tables (2.2 MB)
          Section 8 Seasonally Unadjusted Estimates (0.4 MB)
             Underlying Detail
          Section 0 Real Inventories and Sales (5.8 MB)
          Section 2 Personal Consumption Expenditures (16.9 MB)
          Section 3 Government Current Receipts and Expenditures (0.5 MB)
          Section 4  (1.6 MB)
          Section 5 Gross Private Domestic Investment and Capital Transfers (2.7 MB)
          Section 7 Motor Vehicle Output (1.1 MB)

  • What's New


    September 30, 2004
    Monthly NIPA tables have been updated to include the release of September 2004 personal income and outlays.


    September 29, 2004
    Selected Tables have been updated to include the 2nd quarter final release of GDP.


    September 16, 2004
    Updated table 7.19 (comparison of personal income and AGI) with results from the 2004 annual NIPA revision.
    Table 5.9 (changes in net stock of producted assets) will be updated with results from the annual NIPA revision when they become available.