Charleston (MSA)


Charleston is one of 381 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the nation. Its 2012 population of 225,954 ranked 195th in the nation.


In 2012 Charleston had a per capita personal income (PCPI) of $42,329. This PCPI ranked 108th in the United States and was 97 percent of the national average, $43,735. The 2012 PCPI reflected an increase of 3.4 percent from 2011. The 2011-2012 national change was 3.4 percent. In 2002 the PCPI of Charleston was $29,916 and ranked 127th in the United States. The 2002-2012 compound annual growth rate of PCPI was 3.5 percent. The compound annual growth rate for the nation was 3.2 percent.
Per Capita Personal Income, 2012
Per Capita Income as a Percent of the United States


CAGR: compound annual growth rate
 2011-12 percent change2002-2012 CAGR
Charleston 3.4 % 3.3 %
U.S. 4.2 % 4.1 %

In 2012 Charleston had a total personal income (TPI) of $9,564,495*. This TPI ranked 186th in the United States. In 2002 the TPI of Charleston was $6,943,277* and ranked 171st in the United States.

*Note: Total personal income estimates are in thousands of dollars, not adjusted for inflation.


Total personal income includes net earnings by place of residence; dividends, interest, and rent; and personal current transfer receipts received by the residents of Charleston.
Percent Contribution to Total Personal Income
Charleston, WV (MSA) United States






  Net earnings by place of residence
  Dividends, interest, and rent
  Personal current transfer receipts
2011-2012 percent change
  Charleston, WV (MSA) U.S.
Net earnings 2.9 % 4.3 %
Dividends, interest, and rent 5.6 % 5.5 %
Personal current transfer receipts 3.4 % 2.2 %
2002-2012 compound annual growth rate
  Charleston, WV (MSA) U.S.
Net earnings 3.4 % 3.6 %
Dividends, interest, and rent 1.2 % 4.5 %
Personal current transfer receipts 4.1 % 6.3 %