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Adjustments for elements that are excluded from the BLS QCEW data (income)

The BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wage (QCEW) payroll data for some industries exclude small portions of the wages in those industries either because the employing establishments are not covered by the UI programs or because a portion of the establishments' payrolls are not subject to UI reporting. Examples of BEA adjustments for noncovered segments of UI-covered industries are as follows:

  • Payrolls of railroad carrier affiliates, which are classified in transportation services, and payrolls of railway labor organization, classified in membership organizations other than religious;
  • Payrolls of nonprofit organizations that are exempt from UI coverage because they have fewer than four employees--in printing and publishing, miscellaneous manufacturing, credit agencies other than banks, real estate, holding and other investment companies, hotels, and membership organizations other than religious;
  • Wages and salaries of students employed by the institutions of higher education in which they are enrolled, which are classified in private education, state government education, and local government education;
  • Pay-in-kind of the members of religious orders who teach at private colleges and universities but who do not receive cash wages;
  • Pay-in-kind of workers in private hospitals who do not receive cash wages (mainly interns, student nurses, and members of religious orders);
  • Salaries of elected officials and members of the judiciary in state and local governments;
  • Salaries of corporate officers in Washington state;
  • Commissions received by insurance solicitors and real estate agents; and
  • Allowances paid to Federal civilian employees in selected occupations for uniforms.