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Amusement, gambling, and recreation

Industries in the Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries NAICS subsector operate facilities where patrons can primarily engage in sports, recreation, amusement, or gambling activities and/or provide other amusement and recreation services, such as supplying and servicing amusement devices in places of business operated by others; operating sports teams, clubs, or leagues engaged in playing games for recreational purposes; and guiding tours without using transportation equipment.

The industry groups in this subsector highlight particular types of activities: amusement parks and arcades, gambling industries, and other amusement and recreation industries. The groups, however, are not all inclusive of the activity. The Gambling Industries industry group does not provide for full coverage of gambling activities. For example, casino hotels are classified in Subsector 721, Accommodation; and horse and dog racing tracks are classified in Industry Group 7112, Spectator Sports.

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  • In the annual state personal income and employment category: SA25N SA27N SA5N SA6N SA7N
  • In the county annual personal income and employment category: CA5N CA6N