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Dividends, interest, and rent

Personal dividend income, personal interest income, and rental income of persons with capital consumption adjustment are sometimes referred to as "investment income" or "property income."

Dividends: This component of personal income consists of the payments in cash or other assets, excluding the corporation's own stock, made by corporations located in the United States or abroad to persons who are U.S. residents. It excludes that portion of dividends paid by regulated investment companies (mutual funds) related to capital gains distributions.

Interest: This component of personal income is the interest income (monetary and imputed) of persons from all sources.

Rent: Rental income is the net income of persons from the rental of real property except for the income of persons primarily engaged in the real estate business; the imputed net rental income of the owner-occupants of nonfarm dwellings; and the royalties received from patents, copyrights, and the right to natural resources.

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