Wages and salaries

Wages and salaries are broadly defined to include commissions, tips, and bonuses; voluntary employee contributions to deferred compensation plans, such as 401(k) plans; employee gains from exercising stock options; and receipts-in-kind that represent income.

Wages and salaries are measured before deductions, such as social security contributions, union dues, and voluntary employee contributions to defined contribution pension plans. They represent the amount of wages and salaries accrued during the year.

Related Data Tables

For estimates relating to Wages and salaries please see the following tables

  • In the annual state personal income and employment category: SA30 SA4 SA5 SA5H SA5N SA6 SA6N
  • In the county annual personal income and employment category: CA30 CA4 CA5 CA5N CA6 CA6N
  • In the quarterly state personal income category: SQ4 SQ5 SQ5H SQ5N SQ6 SQ6N