A new R library developed for extracting, analyzing and visualizing harmonized data from BEA's API and Eurostat's API.

The United States Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Economic Analysis in partnership with the European Commission's DG CONNECT and Eurostat have established a Transatlantic Open Data Partnership focused on economic data. The R library is the direct result of this collaborative effort, enabling easy access to comparable datasets from the Eurostat API and BEA API. Built following a Linked Open Data design, the R library taps into the Bureau of Economic Analysis' API and the Eurostat API to make comparable data accessible. In only a few lines of code, a data analyst can obtain economic data.

Get started

Quick Start

To get started, visit the Github repo or just install the library using the commands below.



The library comes with data search, extraction, manipulation and visualization tools. Check out the tutorials below to get started.