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eFile on Google Chrome

Using the eFile system with Google Chrome

The BEA eFile PDFs will only work with Adobe Acrobat or Reader (click here for more information). If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you may experience a problem with the BEA eFile system. The Chrome browser contains a built-in PDF viewer that is not compatible with BEA eFile PDF forms. If you click the download button and the forms open in a browser tab, it means that Google Chrome has used it's built-in PDF viewer and not Adobe Acrobat. The buttons on the form will not work and you will see a message that says "Please Wait... Updating Form Data" that never goes away. If this happens, follow the instructions below to disable the Chrome PDF viewer or try using another browser:

  • Enter the following in the URL bar of the Chrome Browser: chrome://plugins
  • This will bring up a page listing the available plug-ins for the browser
  • Scroll down until you find the "Chrome PDF Viewer" plugin
  • Click the "Disable" link for the "Chrome PDF Viewer"
  • The "Chrome PDF Viewer" should now be greyed out
  • You can close this tab and then try to download the eFile PDF again, they should open in Adobe Acrobat. If not, call the eFile helpdesk at 301-278-9401.