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Glossary "E"

Employer contributions for employee pension and insurance funds. Contributions consisting of employer payments (including payments-in-kind) to private pension and profit-sharing plans, publicly administered government employee retirement plans, private group health and life insurance plans, privately administered workers' compensation plans, and supplemental unemployment benefit plans, formerly called ôother labor income.ö

End-use. A classification system for U.S. exported and imported merchandise based on principal use rather than the physical characteristics of the merchandise.

Enterprise. A business, service, or membership organization consisting of one or more establishments under common, direct or indirect, ownership or control. It is the highest level of establishment aggregation. An enterprise may vary in composition, ranging from a single- establishment company to a complex family of parent and subsidiary companies (firms under common ownership or control). Related terms: .

Enterprises. See Enterprise

Equipment and software. Investment in equipment and software consists of capital account purchases of new machinery, equipment, furniture, vehicles, and computer software; dealers' margins on sales of used equipment; and net purchases of used equipment from government agencies, persons, and the rest of the world. Own-account production of computer software is also included. Related terms: Fixed investment, Nonresidential fixed investment.

Equity capital flows (direct investment). Equity capital increases and decreases. Equity capital increases consist of payments by parent companies to third parties abroad for the purchase of capital stock or other equity interests when they acquire an existing business, payments made to acquire additional ownership interests in their affiliates, and capital contributions to their affiliates. Equity capital decreases are funds that parent companies receive (except from distributions of earnings) when they reduce their equity interest in their affiliates. Related terms: Direct investment capital flows.

Establishment. An economic unit–business or industrial–at a single geographic location, where business is conducted or where services or industrial operations are performed. An establishment is not necessarily identical to an enterprise or company, which may consist of one or more establishments. Related terms: .

Establishments. See Establishment

Exports of goods and services. Goods and services sold by U.S. residents to foreign residents.