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AAR. Annual Aid Review

Additive, additivity. A characteristic of a measurement series whereby the summed components equal the aggregate. Related terms: chain-dollar estimate.

Advance estimate. The first estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) and its components for a quarter. It is released 25–30 days after the end of the quarter and is based on source data that are incomplete and subject to revision. Related terms: preliminary estimate, final estimate.

AERO. Automatic Earnings Reappraisal

Annual input-output (I-O) accounts. Set of I-O tables—make table, use table, direct requirements table, and total requirements tables—that are an update of the most recent benchmark I-O accounts. Annual tables are consistent with the gross domestic product (GDP)-by-industry accounts, but incorporate less comprehensive source data than those used for the benchmark I-O tables. Related terms: I-O accounts.

APEC. Asia Pacific Economic Corporation