Fixed Assets Archive for November 8, 2004

You have accessed an archive of Fixed Assets tables that were initially published on November 8, 2004 in connection with the "special" estimate for 2003.

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          Section 1 Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods (0.1 MB)
          Section 2 Private Fixed Assets by Type (0.2 MB)
          Section 3 Private Fixed Assets by Industry (0.5 MB)
          Section 4 Nonresidential Fixed Assets (0.1 MB)
          Section 5 Residential Fixed Assets (0.1 MB)
          Section 6 Private Fixed Assets (0.1 MB)
          Section 7 Government Fixed Assets (0.2 MB)
          Section 8 Consumer Durable Goods (0.1 MB)
          Section 9 Chained Dollar Tables (0 MB)
          Section S Survey Tables (0.5 MB)