BEA Archive: Industry Accounts

This page provides access to an archive of estimates previously published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Please note that this archive is provided for research only. The estimates contained in this archive include revisions to prior estimates and may not reflect the most recent revision for a particular period. These data have been superceded. For current estimates and the most recent revision of historical estimates, please visit BEA's main Web site at

Industry Accounts Archives

These archives contain data for the Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts (TTSA) that were published at the time of previous TTSA articles in the Survey of Current Business.

Tables marked as "Comprehensive Revision" contain the results for the comprehensive revision of the TTSAs. Data for the most recent year in these tables contain "advance" estimates of tourism output and employment. These "advance" estimates are extrapolated from the most recent annual input-output (I-O) accounts. Data for all other years are either preliminary or revised from the previous release.

Tables marked as "Advance" contain advance estimates of tourism output and employment. Data for the year prior to the most recent year are preliminary, meaning that these data are the first full set of TTSA estimates based on the annual I-O accounts. Data for the two years prior to the preliminary data are revised. For example, data released on June 14, 2006 include advance 2005 estimates of tourism output and employment, which are extrapolated from the annual I-O accounts for 2004; preliminary TTSA estimates for 2004; and revised TTSA estimates for 2002-2003.

Please select an estimate by clicking the 'Data Year' shown in the table below.

  Data Year    Vintage    News Release Date  
  2003 Comprehensive Revision  September 15, 2004 
  2004 Advance  July 15, 2005 
  2005 Advance  June 14, 2006 
  2006 Advance  June 15, 2007 
  2007 Advance  June 15, 2008 
  2008 Advance  June 15, 2009 
  2009 Comprehensive Revision  November 15, 2010 
  2010 Advance  June 30, 2011 
  2011 Advance  June 15, 2012 
  2012 Advance  June 21,2013