Data Archive: International Investment Position

This page provides access to an archive of estimates previously published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Please note that this archive is provided for research only. The estimates contained in this archive include revisions to prior estimates and may not reflect the most recent revision for a particular period. These data have been superceded. For current estimates, please see our interactive tables.

This archive contains International Investment Position data that were published at the time of previous releases.

Year , Quarter Vintage Release Date
2017, Q3 Preliminary December-28-2017
2017, Q2 Preliminary September-27-2017
2017, Q1 Preliminary June-28-2017
2016, Q4 Preliminary March-29-2017
2016, Q3 Preliminary December-29-2016
2016, Q2 Preliminary September-27-2016
2016, Q1 Preliminary June-30-2016
2015, Q4 Preliminary March-31-2016
2015, Q3 Preliminary December-29-2015
2015, Q2 Preliminary September-29-2015
2015, Q1 Preliminary June-30-2015
2014, Q4 Preliminary March-31-2015
2014, Q3 Preliminary December-30-2014
2014, Q2 Preliminary September-25-2014
2014, Q1 Preliminary June-30-2014