Data Archive: Gross Domestic Product by Industry and Input-Output Statistics

This page provides access to an archive of estimates previously published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Please note that this archive is provided for research only. The estimates contained in this archive include revisions to prior estimates and may not reflect the most recent revision for a particular period.

These data have been superceded. For current estimates, please see our latest releases.

Beginning with the release on April 25, 2014, BEA began publishing quarterly GDP by Industry statistics, and each archive from that date forward includes both annual and quarterly data. Archives prior to this date include only annual data. Input-output statistics were not archived prior to the release on January 23, 2014. Each archive falls into one of four vintage types:

  • Quarterly: This vintage adds one newly available period to quarterly GDP by industry. Each Q4 release also includes the addition of one newly available period to annual GDP by industry.
  • Annual: This vintage includes revised annual GDP by industry and Input-Output statistics, as well as newly available Input-Output statistics for the most recent year. Revised and newly available quarterly GDP by industry statistics are also included.
  • Comprehensive: This vintage includes the publication of a newly available benchmark Input-Output table as well as revised GDP by industry and Input-Output statistics for the full annual time series. After January 23, 2014, these releases will also include revised GDP by industry statistics for the full quarterly time series.
  • Advance: This vintage, which was discontinued following the April 25, 2013 release, added one period to the annual time series of GDP by industry statistics. Beginning with the quarterly release on April 25, 2014, “advance” annual estimates are now included as a part of each year’s Q4 Quarterly release.
Additional information on the specific periods published or revised with each release can be found in the “Release Notes” section at the bottom of each individual archive page.

Year , Quarter Vintage Release Date
2017, Q4 Quarter April-19-2018
2017, Q3 Quarter January-19-2018
2017, Q2 Annual November-2-2017
2017, Q1 Quarter July-21-2017
2016, Q4 Quarter April-21-2017
2016, Q3 Quarter January-19-2017
2016, Q2 Annual November-3-2016
2016, Q1 Quarter July-21-2016
2015, Q4 Quarter April-21-2016
2015, Q3 Quarter January-21-2016
2015, Q2 Annual November-5-2015
2015, Q1 Quarter July-23-2015
2014, Q4 Quarter April-23-2015
2014, Q3 Quarter January-22-2015
2014, Q2 Annual November-13-2014
2014, Q1 Quarter July-25-2014
2013, Q4 Quarter April-25-2014
2012 Comprehensive January-23-2014
2012 Advance April-25-2013
2011 Annual November-13-2012
2011 Advance April-26-2012
2010 Annual December-13-2011
2010 Advance April-26-2011
2009 Comprehensive December-14-2010
2009 Advance May-25-2010
2008 Advance April-28-2009
2007 Annual December-15-2008
2007 Advance April-29-2008
2006 Annual January-29-2008
2006 Advance April-24-2007
2005 Annual December-11-2006
2005 Advance April-27-2006
2004 Annual December-15-2005
2004 Advance April-20-2005
2003 Comprehensive June-17-2004
2003 Annual December-20-2004