Image of Chart icon.Charting within the iTables application is accomplished by selecting the "CHART" icon within the toolbar that is available once your data table is displayed.

Once selected you can see a list of table stubs along the left side of the application that you can select for charting based on criteria you selected during the tabbed navigation process. Once selected, your stubs appear along the right side of the application as color coded lines or bars.

You can hover over the lines or bars at the intersects to display the detail of the stub selected.

Other Options During Charting | You may change the time frame to display the data, change the chart type, and export your chart.

Image of charting portion of the application.Along the top of the chart you can adjust the timeframe dynamically using the date criteria selected in the tabbed process to get a better display of data.

Selecting or deselecting any of the table stubs along the left will dynamically change the data in the chart or graph.

You can dynamically change the chart type by selecting the chart type button. You can select line chart, bar chart, or export your chart to a PNG format to your local computer.

For larger data presentations you can also enable full-screen mode by selecting the full screen button along the top right of the chart area. The application is functional in this mode for data presentation on larger screens.

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