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BEA Intern Program

BEA is one of the world’s leading statistical agencies. It produces the most closely watched economic statistics that influence decisions made by government officials, business people, households, and individuals. Our economic statistics provide a comprehensive, up-to-date picture of U.S. economic activity. They are the key in critical decisions that affect monetary policy, tax and budget projections, and business investment plans.

Interns at BEA gain valuable work experience and training by a professional staff in areas such as study planning, the collection and compilation of data from primary and secondary sources, the preparation of preliminary interpretive reports, the use of computer applications in economic research, and communications and outreach.

Pathways Program

The newly established Pathways Program was developed to help students get started in the Federal workforce by offering a clear path to Federal internships. This program is for current students enrolled in a wide variety of educational institutions from high school to graduate level, with paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school. Additional information about the Internship Program.

To apply, candidates will have to visit USAJOBS for available internship opportunities and the online application process.

It may take some time before you begin to see Pathways job information on USAJOBS.  The Pathways Program is new and agencies must establish policy and procedures before they can begin to recruit Pathways candidates.

We encourage you to visit USAJOBS periodically to search for Pathways Programs job opportunities.