BEA National Economic Accounts

Download Fixed Assets Tables

  • Download spreadsheets by Section. Or, download the whole works.
    Each download, except the "All Sections", contains a single spreadsheet or csv file with all selected tables on the specified section.
    Each table has data for all years/quarters/months available. Data are available for download in two formats: csv and xls, either zipped or not.
    The "All Sections" downloads contains all sections zipped into one file.
  • A csv (comma separated value) file is a text file with commas separating the values. This format can be read by most spreadsheet software. It is the fastest to download.
  • The xls spreadsheets are arranged as a single spreadsheet per section. Each table in the section is on a tab within the spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel (XLS)

    Compressed (ZIP | Microsoft Excel)

    Comma Separated Value (CSV)

      Compressed (ZIP | Comma-Separated Value)