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Comprehensive revision of the NIPA's

BEA released the initial results of its 11th comprehensive, or "benchmark," revision of the national income and product accounts on October 28, 1999.  On March 30, 2000, the benchmark revision neared its completion with the release of:

  • Revised NIPA estimates for 1929-58
  • Estimates of fixed assets and consumer durable goods for 1972-97 (revised) and 1998 (new)
  • Revised NIPA estimates beginning with 1959 incorporating several corrections

News release

  • The GDP news release of March 30, 2000 includes:
    • Gross Domestic Product, Fourth Quarter 1999 "final" estimate
    • Revised estimates, 1929-99
    • Corporate Profits: Fourth Quarter 1999
    • Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods: 1972-98

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