Printer Friendly Page


These instuctions are intended to help you print a table on your local printer. The print page prints tables in full year increments i.e. in letter-portrait mode you can print four years of annual data or 1 year of quarterly data. Monthly data can only be printed in Legal/Landscape mode. It can create pages for letter size and legal size paper and in portrait and landscape mode. Note - The browser will not make the printer setting, you have to do that using "File / Page Setup" menu on both Netscape and Internet Explorer.

What the "Printer Friendly Page" button does is create a web page formated such that when it is printed it will fit on the paper. Again, before you print the table YOU have to set your printer to match the paper and orientation selections you made before you clicked the "Printer Friendly Page" button.

The following table shows the number of lines and years per page for various print combinations.
Mode Annual Quarterly Monthly Lines Per Page
Letter - Portrait 4 Years 1 Year N/A 45
Letter - Landscape 8 Years 2 Year N/A 25
Legal - Portrait 4 Years 1 Year N/A 60
Legal - Landscape 12 Years 3 Year 1 Year 25

Step by step.
  1. First you must select and display the date range (1929 - 2004), frequency (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly) and click on "Refresh Page"
  2. Set printer properties to reflect the desired paper and orientation
  3. Click on "Printer Friendly Page"
  4. When new page come up click on the browser Print button.