NIPA 2013 Comprehensive Revision Table Release Plan

NIPA 2013 Annual Revision Table Release Plan

March Survey of Current Business

Updated titles and table numbers of the NIPA tables for the 2013 comprehensive revision are shown in table 6 of the article: Preview of the 2013 Comprehensive Revision of the National Income and Product Accounts: Changes in Definitions and Presentations.

June 10

Web release of draft formats for most NIPA tables, including table titles, line stubs, and footnotes, but no estimates. (The format for table 7.12, imputations in the NIPAs, will be available later.)

June 10

Web release of draft layouts for the July 31 GDP news release and the August 2 personal income and outlays news release. The layouts will show column headers, stubs, and footnotes, but no estimates.

July 31

Advance GDP news release for 2013:QII and Web release of the “Selected” NIPA tables.

August 2

Personal income and outlays news release for June 2013, and Web release of monthly NIPA tables

By August 9

Web release of “Underlying Detail.”

By August 16

Web release of most NIPA tables not included in the “Selected” NIPA tables.

August Survey of Current Business

Publication of initial results of the comprehensive revision, including tables from the July 31 news release and the “Selected” NIPA tables.

September Survey of Current Business

Publication of the article that will describe the revised NIPA estimates and the effects of the changes on the accounts as well as a large set of quarterly and annual NIPA tables.


Web release of NIPA tables 2.9, 3.15–3.23, 5.10, 7.12, 7.15, and 7.19; these will be printed in subsequent issues of the Survey. Web release of fixed asset tables.