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News Release: BEA Launches New FAQ Database

Looking for answers to your economic statistics questions just got easier. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) introduces a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database on our Web site. The FAQ database is a customer-driven portal that allows you to find answers to questions about our data and submit ideas for new questions and answers. Cant wait to try it out? Visit the FAQ database now.

'FAQs' about the new database

How does FAQ database searching work?

Users enter search terms in the box labeled “Search Text ” on the initial database page. Users may further define their search by specifying an option within the “Search By” drop-down menu. The default option is “Exact Search.” The database returns questions and answers related to the term(s) entered. Please refer to the Search Tips page for further detail on how to perform more effective customized searches.

Important Note: The database search only accesses the FAQs that exist on the site. It is not a general search engine, and does not operate in the same fashion as BEA’s Web site search tool.

Can I search the FAQs by category?

The system allows navigation of FAQs by category and subcategory using drop-down menus on the display panel. Selecting different categories and subcategories, prior to searching, allows for a more specialized search to be executed. The "Browse FAQs " function, also located on the main display panel, executes an even more advanced grouping of related FAQ topics and like terminology.

Will the original FAQ pages on the BEA Web site still be available?

Starting on March 16, 2006, and for approximately 30 days thereafter, we will keep the current economic account area FAQ links and pages active.  During this period, users can become acquainted with the new FAQ database by accessing a link in the "Spotlight" section of the Web site home page.  After the introductory month concludes, all links labeled “FAQs” will go directly to the database and the economic account area FAQ pages will no longer be accessible.

Will the FAQ database be expanded over time?

As BEA releases the new FAQ database, we recognize that the questions and answers in the system represent a small portion of the information that users may need. The system will expand and improve over time, as more questions are added from BEA’s users, and economic account areas. We encourage you to submit new questions for consideration by using the “Ask a Question” feature in the FAQ database. We also welcome your questions and comments regarding this new FAQ platform. Please address all feedback to webmaster@bea.gov.