BEA Account Overviews

The Publications and Outreach Materials Library contains promotional flyers, booklets, hand-outs and one-page explanations of BEA economic accounts. Most items are available in PDF format, and can be downloaded or printed for distribution to members of the public.

National Economic Accounts Overview

Flyer that provides detailed information on preparation of NIPA's, Measures of GDP, and Fixed Assets and Consumer Durable Goods as well as information on the availability and uses of the accounts, and where to go for more information.

International Economic Accounts Overview

This flyer provides an introduction to the international economic statistics produced by BEA, which include the international transactions accounts, the international investment position, international services, direct investment, activities of multinational companies, and research and analysis conducted by BEA in support of the international accounts.

Regional Economic Accounts Overview

An introduction to BEA's regional GDP and income statistics, including information on accessing interactive tables, charts, and maps.

Annual Industry Accounts Overview

A four-page flyer outlining annual industry accounts, gross-domestic-product-by-industry accounts, and annual input-output accounts. The flyer also explains the uses and availability of the accounts and provides contact information.