The Bureau of Economic Analysis will release gross domestic product (GDP) by industry and GDP by state news releases covering the second quarter of 2023 later this fall.

Second quarter GDP by industry was originally scheduled for release on Sept. 28 and second quarter GDP by state on Sept. 29. BEA will send out an advisory with the new days and times when they become available. Personal Income by State, 2nd Quarter 2023, will be released as scheduled on Sept. 29 at 10 a.m. Eastern time.

On Sept. 28, in addition to the third estimate of U.S. GDP for the second quarter, BEA will release initial results from the 2023 comprehensive update of the National Economic Accounts, which include the National Income and Product Accounts as well as the Industry Economic Accounts. The comprehensive update will present revised statistics for GDP, GDP by industry, and gross domestic income. The comprehensive update of the Regional Economic Accounts will be released Sept. 29.

For information on comprehensive updates, refer to Information on Updates to the National Economic Accounts.