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Education and training assistance

Education and training assistance consists of the following:

Federal fellowships- These benefits consist of the payments to outstanding science students who receive National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, the subsistence payments to the cadets at the six state maritime academies, and the payments for all other Federal fellowships.

Higher education student assistance- These benefits consist of the Federal payments, called Pell Grants, for an undergraduate education for students with low incomes.

Job Corps payments- these benefits are primarily the allowances for living expenses received by economically disadvantaged individuals who are between the ages of 16 and 21 and who are enrolled in the designated vocational and educational training programs. These benefits also include the adjustment allowances received by trainees upon the successful completion of their training.

Interest payments on guaranteed student loans- these payments are made by the Department of Education to commercial lending institutions on behalf of the individuals who receive low-interest, deferred-payment loans from these institutions in order to pay the expenses of higher education.

State educational assistance-These benefits consist of educational assistance provided by states to individuals for tuition and other educational expenses not including loans. The national and state estimates are based on data for state government expenditures for "other education assistance and subsidies" from the Census Bureau's annual State Government Finances.

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