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Total gross state product

GDP by state is the value added in production by the labor and capital located in a state. GDP for a state is derived as the sum of the gross domestic product by state originating in all industries in a state. In concept, an industry's GDP by state, referred to as its "value added", is equivalent to its gross output (sales or receipts and other operating income, commodity taxes, and inventory change) minus its intermediate inputs (consumption of goods and services purchased from other U.S. industries or imported). Thus, GDP by state is the state counterpart of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP), BEA's featured measure of U.S. output.

GDP by state for the nation differs from GDP for the following reasons: GDP by state excludes and GDP includes the compensation of federal civilian and military personnel stationed abroad and government consumption of fixed capital for military structures located abroad and for military equipment, except office equipment; and GDP by state and GDP have different revision schedules.

BEA prepares GDP by state estimates for 64 industries. For each industry, GDP by state is composed of three components:

  1. Compensation of employees
  2. Taxes on production and imports less subsidies
  3. Gross operating surplus

BEA prepares estimates of GDP by State in millions of current dollars and of real GDP by state in millions of chained (2005) dollars*. The estimates of real GDP by state are derived by applying national implicit price deflators to the current-dollar GDP by state estimates for the detailed industries. These estimates of real GDP by state reflect the uniqueness of each state's industry mix, but they do not reflect differences by state in the prices of goods and services produced for local markets.

Current dollar GDP by state and the current dollar components of GDP by state (compensation of employees, taxes on production and imports less subsidies, and gross operating surplus) are presented in millions of current dollars.

Quantity indexes for real GDP by state are index numbers (2005 = 100.0)*.

* SIC-based statistics are in chained (1997) dollars.