Gross Domestic Product by State

Gross Domestic Product by State: new NAICS estimates for 2016

A press release that summarizes the current data and methodology for GDP by state (PDF) are available.

Data files selected for downloading statistics of GDP by state from the Interactive Table web page are either in comma-quote-delimited format, or large data files in a compressed format that must be expanded once downloaded.

Special Codes:

The following special codes appear in the data files in place of data values. The special codes are formatted as quote-delimited text.

(D) Not shown in order to avoid the disclosure of confidential information; estimates are included in higher level totals.
(L) Less than $500,000
(T) The estimate is suppressed to cover corresponding estimate for earnings in state personal income. Estimates for this item are included in the total.
(N/A) Not available

Additional Information:

Industry detail is based on the 2007 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

Current-dollar GDP by state is presented in millions of dollars.

Real GDP by state is presented in millions of chained (2009) dollars.

Chained (2009) dollar series are calculated as the product of the chain-type quantity index and the 2009 current-dollar value of the corresponding series, divided by 100. Because the formula for the chain-type quantity indexes uses weights of more than one period, the corresponding chained-dollar estimates are usually not additive.

The entire series of quantity indexes can be found on the GDP-by-state Interactive Table page.

Data Availability:

The following estimates are available on the BEA website:

  • Advance gross domestic product by state in current and chained (2009) dollars, quantity indexes, and contributions to percent change in real GDP for 23 NAICS-based sectors for 2016,
  • Gross domestic product by state in current and chained (2009) dollars, compensation of employees, taxes on production and imports (TOPI), subsidies, gross operating surplus (GOS), quantity indexes, and contributions to percent change in real GDP for 88 NAICS-based industries for 1997-2015,
  • Gross domestic product by state in current dollars, compensation of employees, taxes on production and imports (TOPI), subsidies, gross operating surplus (GOS), and quantity indexes for 75 SIC-based industries for 1963-1997, and
  • Gross domestic product by state in chained (1997) dollars for 75 SIC-based industries for 1987-1997.

The next release date is scheduled for November 14, 2018.

Industries for which Gross Domestic Product by state estimates are available

                                                                          2007 NAICS
All industry total                                                              ...
  Private industries                                                            ...
    Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting                                 11
      Farms                                                                     111-112
      Forestry, fishing, and related activities                                 113-115
    Mining                                                                      21
      Oil and gas extraction                                                    211
      Mining, except oil and gas                                                212
      Support activities for mining                                             213
    Utilities                                                                   22
    Construction                                                                23
    Manufacturing                                                               31-33
      Durable goods manufacturing                                               ...
        Wood products manufacturing                                             321
        Nonmetallic mineral products manufacturing                              327
        Primary metals manufacturing                                            331
        Fabricated metal products                                               332
        Machinery manufacturing                                                 333
        Computer and electronic products manufacturing                          334
        Electrical equipment, appliance, and components manufacturing           335
        Motor vehicles, bodies and trailers, and parts manufacturing            3361-3363
        Other transportation equipment manufacturing                            3364-3366, 3369
        Furniture and related products manufacturing                            337
        Miscellaneous manufacturing                                             339
      Nondurable goods manufacturing                                            ...
        Food and beverage and tobacco products manufacturing                    311-312
        Textile mills and textile product mills                                 313-314
        Apparel and leather and allied products manufacturing                   315-316
        Paper products manufacturing                                            322
        Printing and related support activities                                 323
        Petroleum and coal products manufacturing                               324
        Chemical products manufacturing                                         325
        Plastics and rubber products manufacturing                              326
    Wholesale trade                                                             42
    Retail trade                                                                44-45
    Transportation and warehousing                                              48-49
      Air transportation                                                        481
      Rail transportation                                                       482
      Water transportation                                                      483
      Truck transportation                                                      484
      Transit and ground passenger transportation                               485
      Pipeline transportation                                                   486
      Other transportation and support activities                               487-488, 492
      Warehousing and storage                                                   493
    Information                                                                 51
      Publishing industries, except Internet (includes software)                511
      Motion picture and sound recording industries                             512
      Broadcasting and telecommunications                                       515, 517
      Data processing, internet publishing, and other information services      518, 519
    Finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing                        52, 53
      Finance and insurance                                                     52
        Federal Reserve banks, credit intermediation, and related services      521-522
        Securities, commodity contracts, and investments                        523
        Insurance carriers and related activities                               524
        Funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles                             525
      Real estate and rental and leasing                                        53
        Real estate                                                             531
        Rental and leasing services and lessors of intangible assets            532-533
    Professional and business services                                          54, 55, 56
      Professional, scientific, and technical services                          54
        Legal services                                                          5411
        Computer systems design and related services                            5415
        Miscellaneous professional, scientific, and technical services          5412-5414, 5416-5419
      Management of companies and enterprises                                   55
      Administrative and waste management services                              56
        Administrative and support services                                     561
        Waste management and remediation services                               562
    Educational services, health care, and social assistance                    61, 62
      Educational services                                                      61
      Health care and social assistance                                         62
        Ambulatory health care services                                         621
        Hospitals and nursing and residential care facilities                   622-623
        Social assistance                                                       624
    Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, and food services           71, 72
      Arts, entertainment, and recreation                                       71
        Performing arts, spectator sports, museums, and related activities      711-712
        Amusements, gambling, and recreation industries                         713
      Accommodation and food services                                           72
        Accommodation                                                           721
        Food services and drinking places                                       722
    Other services, except government                                           81
  Government                                                                    92
    Federal civilian                                                            ...
    Federal military                                                            ...
    State and local                                                             ...
Natural resources and mining                                                    11, 21
Trade                                                                           42, 44-45
Transportation and utilities                                                    ...
Private goods-producing industries                                              ...
Private services-providing industries                                           ...

NAICS North American Industry Classification System

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