Journey-to-Work, 2000

You have accessed an archive of Regional Accounts tables for Journey-to-Work that were initially published on April 27th, 2005.

Release notes and related articles:

  • BEA will no longer update the Journey-to-Work database. These data were collected on the census long form, which was discontinued beginning with the 2010 decennial Census. Although interactive access to the data is no longer available, you can access the historical Journey-to-Work database (containing data through the year 2000) using the link above.
  • The total number of workers commuting between counties of residence and counties of work for 2000 is equal to the sum of the number of commuters by major industry for each separate county of residence/county of work combination. Because of this reason, the number of commuters between place-of-work and place-of-residence counties for the year 2000 in this download will differ from those found on the Census Bureau website.
  • The Census Bureau is the source for this information. See Journey to Work and Place of Work Data on the Census Bureau web site.