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RIMS II Online Order and Delivery System

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Updated RIMS II multipliers

New RIMS II multipliers, based on 2007 national benchmark input-output data and 2013 regional data, are now available.

Next year’s release of the multipliers will use 2014 regional data. RIMS II multipliers incorporating BEA’s annual input-output accounts have been discontinued.

What are RIMS II multipliers?

RIMS II input-output multipliers show how local demand shocks affect total gross output, value added, earnings, and employment in the region.

How much do multipliers cost?

  • $275 per Region

Multipliers are provided for all industries in the model for the region that is ordered. The region must contain one or more contiguous counties.

  • $75 per Industry

Multipliers are provided for 50 states and the District of Columbia for the industry that is ordered.

What industry detail is available?