RIMS II Online Order and Delivery System

RIMS II multipliers are based on 2007 national benchmark input-output data and 2015 regional data. 
Step 1: Would you like to order by region or industry?  
You may order RIMS II multipliers for any region or for any RIMS II industry.


  • Ordering by industry only applies to states 
  • You will receive multipliers for all states and the District of Columbia for the industry that you select
Things to consider when ordering
  • The relative simplicity of input-output multipliers comes at the cost of several limiting assumptions that produce what are likely to be upper bound estimates. More information about this topic is available here.
  • The region should include the area supplying a large share of the direct inputs and employees necessary for the project or event you are studying.
  • RIMS II multipliers differ from macro-economic multipliers used to assess the effects of fiscal stimulus on gross national product (GNP).
  • Differences in industry-specific regional multipliers are not meaningful or appropriate for use in a national context.

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