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Fixler, Dennis J.
Chief Economist
(301) 278-9607


  • Ph.D., Economics, Purdue University, 1978
  • M.S., Economics, Purdue University, 1975
  • B.A., Economics, Boston University, 1974

Working Papers

Selected Publications

  • Recent Developments in Economic Statistics and the Transmission of Monetary Policy to the Real Sector
    • with Kimberly Zieschang
    • Money, Measurement and Computation, edited by Michael Belongia, MacMillan Press., 2006
  • GDP Estimates: Rationality Tests and Turning Point Performance
    • Journal of Productivity Analysis 25 (2006): 213-229
  • Timeliness and Accuracy
    • Measurement in Economics, A Handbook edited by Marcel Boumans, Academic Press, London 2007
  • Reliability of GDP Estimates
    • with Bruce Grimm
    • Survey of Current Business 88 (February 2008): 16-32
  • "What can we Learn from the New Measures of Bank Services in National Accounts: the Case of the US."
    • with Marshall Reisndorf and George Smith
    • Irving Fisher Committee Bulletin. 28, August 2008, 116-123
  • "Measurement Error in the National Accounts"
    • Measurement Error: Consequences, Applications and Solutions, (Advances in Econometrics volume 24), edited by Jane Binner, David Edgerton and Thomas Elger, Emerald Publishing, London, 2009
  • "Incorporating Financial Services in a Consumer Price Index"
    • Price Index Concepts and Measurement, edited by W. Erwin Diewert, John Greenlees, and Charles Hulten, NBER, University of Chicago Press, 2009
  • "Revisions to GDP, GDI, and their Major Components"
    • with Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy and Bruce Grimm
    • Survey of Current Business, July 2011, 9-31
  • "Measuring the Price of Research and Development Output"
    • with Adam Copeland
    • The Review of Income and Wealth, vol. 58(1), March 2012, 166-182
  • "Accounting for the Distribution of Income in the U.S. National Accounts"
    • with David S. Johnson
    • Measuring Economic Sustainability and Progress, edited by Dale Jorgenson, Steven Landefeld, and Paul Schreyer, University of Chicago Press, 2014
  • "The Revisions to GDP, GDI, and Their Major Components"
    • with Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy and Bruce Grimm
    • Survey of Current Business, August, 2014, 1-23
  • "Problems with the Measurement of Banking Services in a National Accounting Framework"
    • with Erwin Diewert and Kimberly Zieschang
    • National Accounting and Economic Growth, editied by John Hartwick, Edward Elger Publishing, Cheltham , UK, Northampton, MA, USA, 2016