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Table 11.—U.S.-MNC Data Series: Types of Information and Publications

U.S-MNC data series Types of information SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS articles and related publications
Balance of payments and direct investment position data Direct investment income; royalties and license fees; and other services transactions between U.S. parents and their foreign affiliates; direct investment capital flows; and the direct investment position. Quarterly data on direct investment capital, income, and other flows appear in the March, June, September, and December SURVEY articles on U.S. international transactions. Annual direct investment position data appear in the June SURVEY article on the direct investment positions on a historical-cost basis. Detailed annual data on the position and related capital, income, and other flows between parents and affiliates generally appear in the August SURVEY. Some historical data are available in separate BEA publications (see table 12)./1/
Financial and operating data U.S. parents' and foreign affiliates' balance sheets and income statements; sales by type and destination; employment and employee compensation; U.S. merchandise trade; gross product (value added)/2/; and technology. Also external financing for MOFA's. Summary annual financial and operating data appear in articles on U.S. multinational companies' operations, usually in the June SURVEY. More detailed data appear in separate BEA publications (see table 12).
  1. It should be noted, however, that the data prior to 1982 do not reflect certain definitional changes that BEA instituted in recent years. For details on these changes, see "U.S. Direct Investment Abroad: Detail for Position and Balance of Payments Flows, 1989," SURVEY 70 (August 1990): 57 and "U.S. International Transactions: First Quarter 1992 and Revised Estimates for 1976-91," SURVEY 72 (June 1992): 70-77.
  2. U.S. parent gross product data are only available in the benchmark survey years of 1977, 1982, and 1989.

MNC Multinational company

MOFA Majority-owned foreign affiliate