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Box: Acknowledgments

BEA thanks the staffs of the U.S. companies that responded to the 1992 benchmark survey for their efforts in completing and filing reports and for their cooperation with BEA during the processing and review of the data.

J. Steven Landefeld, Deputy Director, Bureau of Economic Analysis, provided general guidance for the survey. Betty L. Barker, Chief, and R. David Belli, Assistant Chief, International Investment Division (IID), directed the design of the benchmark survey report forms, the conduct of the survey, and the analysis and publication of the results.

The Direct Investment in the United States Branch of IID, under the direction of James L. Bomkamp, was primarily responsible for conducting the survey. David H. Galler supervised the editing and processing of the reports; he also designed the computer edit checks and the forms and processing control systems. The following staff processed and edited the survey: Juris E. Abolins, Chester C. Braham, A. Margaret Buckley, Emily D. Curry, Constance T. Deve, Beverly A. Feeser, Charles R. Gravitz, David N. Hale, Margaret B. Hinders, Barbara K. Hubbard, Lonnie Hunter, Deanna D. Ibarra, Carol L. Lefkowitz, Stephanie A. Lewis, Edna A. Ludden, Gregory McCormick, Sidney Moskowitz, Ronald L. Ross, William R. Shupe, Marie P. Smith, John R. Starnes, Diann L. Vann, and Dorrett E. Williams.

Ned G. Howenstine, Jeffrey H. Lowe, and Dale P. Shannon, under the direction of Obie G. Whichard, assisted in reviewing the results for consistency and accuracy. Arnold Gilbert also assisted in the review.

Angela M. Roberts designed the computer programs for the integrated control file of foreign direct investment in the United States. Arnold Gilbert designed the programs for data estimation and final review of the data and, with the assistance of Robert L. Price, designed the programs for the suppression of the data to ensure confidentiality and for generation of the tables for publication. They were under the supervision of Smith W. Allnutt.

James T. Spalding coordinated the computer programming and data conversion and processing activities that were performed by Douglas J. Klear, Stephen P. Holliday, Marguerite E. Ellis, Effie M. Eason, and Janice E. Townsend.

William J. Zeile and Ned G. Howenstine designed the data publication that will present more detailed data from the survey. Dale P. Shannon assisted in the analysis of the data and the preparation of the tables for this article.