Box: Data Availability

New investment data

A set of supplementary tables containing detail on the number of investments and investors for 1992–94 and on investment outlays and selected operating data for the newly acquired or established businesses for 1992–95 is available for $10.00. Send a check payable to the "Bureau of Economic Analysis" to the Public Information Office, Order Desk, BE-53, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230, or to order using Visa or MasterCard, call (202) 606–9827. When ordering, please specify the title "BE-13 Supplementary Tables for the July 1996 SURVEY Article" and the accession number: 50–96–20–105. In addition, comparable table sets for 1987–91 and 1980–86 are available:

1987–91: Accession No. 50–95–20–106, price $18.00.

1980–86: Accession No. 50–89–20–106, price $18.00.

For further information, call (202) 606–9828.

The supplementary tables are also available on 3½-inch, high-density computer diskettes:

1992–95: Accession No. 50–96–40–405, price $20.00.

1980–91: Accession No. 50–96–40–406, price $20.00.

To order or for further information, call (202) 606–9815.

Operations data

Publications and computer diskettes presenting the revised estimates of U.S. affiliate operations for 1993 and the preliminary estimates for 1994 from the annual surveys will be available later this summer. These estimates are comparable with those in this article, but they are presented in greater detail.

The detailed estimates of U.S. affiliate operations for 1977–92 are available on computer diskettes; for order information, call (202) 606–9815. The estimates for 1977–92 are also available in a series of annual publications; for order information, call (202) 606–9893.