Table 11.—Gross Product of Majority-owned Affiliates as a Percentage of that of All Nonbank U.S. Affiliates, by Country of UBO, 1992-94

1992 1993 1994
All countries80.678.078.9
Belgium 95.797.098.7
Denmark HH100.6
France 87.987.287.9
Germany 84.382.081.4
Ireland EEE
Italy 87.790.788.5
Luxembourg 67.0FF
Netherlands 90.589.481.3
Norway 74.874.775.0
Sweden 61.872.094.9
Switzerland 92.492.291.1
United Kingdom91.988.284.8
Other 81.783.779.8
Latin America and Other Western Hemisphere80.377.282.4
Mexico 76.573.982.2
Panama 98.397.597.8
Venezuela G65.669.1
Bermuda 87.585.587.7
Netherlands Antilles74.692.591.7
Other H66.796.5
South AfricaFFF
Other CCE
Middle EastE32.139.8
Kuwait 53.552.057.0
Saudi ArabiaC12.69.0
Other H95.299.8
Asia and Pacific74.176.084.0
Australia 43.930.483.6
Hong Kong89.595.593.5
Japan 79.182.583.0
Korea, Republic of78.582.0109.8
Taiwan 93.995.294.1
Other 75.487.388.1
United StatesGFE

NOTES.—Shares of more than 100 percent may result where the gross product of minority-owned affiliates is negative.

Size ranges are given in cells that are suppressed to avoid disclosure of data of individual companies. The percentage size ranges are: C—0.1 to 19.9; E—20.0 to 39.9; F—40.0 to 59.9; G—60.0 to 79.9; H—80.0 to 100.