Table 14.—Employment by Nonbank U.S. Affiliates by State, 1988-94

Thousands of employees As a percentage of total private industry employment in the State/1/
1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994
Total/2/3,844.2 4,511.54,734.54,871.94,715.44,765.64,866.
New England249.5290.3280.6286.1269.2273.6285.
Connecticut 72.387.675.981.382.577.976.
Maine 24.427.126.626.624.
Massachusetts 110.3129.1131.2128.6114.3119.6129.
New Hampshire22.425.125.928.427.930.729.
Rhode Island12.213.113.314.012.914.
Delaware 41.841.943.141.535.833.233.714.213.713.913.711.810.810.7
District of Columbia8.810.511.411.19.910.811.
Maryland 62.171.779.677.173.574.978.
New Jersey203.9222.8227.0229.6216.3212.6211.
New York342.8376.9347.5371.8340.8351.1356.
Pennsylvania 179.0204.3221.6225.8215.9236.4233.
Great Lakes655.0772.5812.8818.9811.8796.6801.
Illinois 214.1244.8245.8250.4247.2238.2229.
Indiana 83.498.1126.9124.8127.2124.6129.
Michigan 116.2142.8139.6138.9143.8150.1159.
Ohio 170.2207.9219.1220.8211.4206.9209.
Wisconsin 71.178.981.484.082.276.874.
Iowa 28.630.932.833.733.331.435.
Kansas 27.830.729.635.027.229.331.
Minnesota 51.481.989.894.592.384.682.
Nebraska 12.713.714.916.816.316.317.
North Dakota2.
South Dakota2.
Alabama 42.064.755.765.061.761.660.
Arkansas 25.732.229.230.430.830.431.
Florida 154.1178.3205.7211.2196.0203.8198.
Georgia 143.7157.2161.0162.6156.4167.6173.
Kentucky 47.756.065.771.371.275.778.
North Carolina157.4176.7181.0181.0191.4211.4221.
South Carolina85.1101.4104.7110.1111.7105.8112.
Tennessee 98.2114.1116.9120.4124.2129.7131.
Virginia 92.7106.2113.3119.1122.1128.9131.
West Virginia26.629.434.934.734.635.
Arizona 48.054.457.156.752.752.450.
New Mexico15.115.817.414.813.616.
Oklahoma 38.441.543.644.042.939.
Texas 236.4269.7299.5312.9315.3304.7320.
Rocky Mountain62.974.199.9110.0108.8107.4115.
Utah 15.415.821.024.022.925.
Far West544.0690.7761.4779.6731.6723.2760.
Alaska 7.610.613.
California 407.0514.9555.9561.1522.7528.6552.
Hawaii 34.845.
Nevada 13.719.522.725.
Oregon 25.130.839.141.941.942.547.
Washington 55.869.977.582.180.277.678.
Puerto Rico14.719.016.119.319.828.921.6n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
Other U.S. areas/3/

n.a. Not available.

1. The data on employment in private industries used to calculate the shares shown in this table are from BEA's Regional Economic Information System. The totals are equal to employment in private industries less employment of private households. The U.S. employment totals used to calculate affiliate shares in this table differ from those used for table 13, which are from table 6.4C of the "National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) Tables." They differ from the NIPA estimates of employment because they include depository institutions and, by definition, they exclude U.S. residents temporarily employed by U.S. businesses. They also may differ from the NIPA estimates because of different definitions and revision schedules.

2. For consistency with the coverage of the private-industry employment data, U.S. affiliate employment in Puerto Rico, in "other U.S. areas," and in "foreign" was excluded from the U.S. affiliate employment total when the percentage shares on this line were computed.

3. Consists of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and all other outlying U.S. areas.

4. Consists of employees of U.S. affiliates working abroad.