Table 5.—Selected Operating Data of U.S. Business Enterprises Acquired or Established, by Industry of U.S. Business Enterprise, 1994-95

1994/r/ 1995/p/
Millions of dollars Number of employees Number of hectares of land owned/1/ Millions of dollars Number of employees Number of hectares of land owned/1/
Total assets Sales Net income Total assets Sales Net income
All industries77,82956,2611,229289,287488,95898,39053,6491,885366,168407,409
Wholesale trade3,2596,582(/D/)9,600656(/D/)5,410-18,499(/D/)
Retail trade2,894(/D/)-109(/D/)(/D/)4,1398,06972130,220625
Depository institutions12,619(/D/)(/D/)(/D/)(/D/)16,325(/D/)(/D/)(/D/)(/D/)
Finance, except depository institutions4,90356979(/D/)012,277812(/D/)2,5580
Real estate4,054(/D/)-4(/D/)6,0032,91528840973,859
Other industries16,41315,09364866,174(/D/)7,9332,820(/D/)(/D/)(/D/)

r Revised.

p Preliminary.

D Suppressed to avoid disclosure of data of individual companies.

1. One hectare equals 2.471 acres. Thus, for all industries, the number of acres of land owned in 1994 and 1995 were 1,208,216 and 1,006,708, respectively.

NOTE.—For newly acquired businesses, data cover the most recently completed financial reporting year. For newly established businesses, data are projections for the first full year of operations.