Box: Acknowledgments

The revised estimates were prepared under the general direction of Anthony DiLullo, with the assistance of Cynthia McPherson and staff in the Balance of Payments Division. Russell Scholl, Harlan King, Christopher Gohrband, Jane Newstedt, and Dena Holland prepared the benchmark estimates of U.S. portfolio investment abroad and related income flows; Michael Mann, Chris Emond, Shirley Davis, John Sondheimer, and Robert Becker, the benchmark estimates on nonfinancial services transactions; Russell Scholl and Jane Newstedt, the estimates of financial services transactions; Steven Baldwin, the estimates of earnings and expenditures of temporary workers; Ed Dozier, the estimates of truck transportation and ocean port services receipts; Russell Scholl and Barbara Berman, the estimates of U.S. currency flows and currency translation gains and losses; Harlan King, the preliminary estimates of nonbank claims and liabilities; and Kwok Lee, the estimates of goods.

The revised estimates of the direct investment accounts were prepared under the general direction of David Belli. Gregory Fouch, with the assistance of Karen Poffel and other staff in the International Investment Division, prepared the revised estimates of foreign direct investment in the United States.

Special assistance was provided this year by Richard Porter and Ruth Judson of the Federal Reserve Board, who developed the estimates of U.S. currency flows; by Milton Pappas and William Griever of the U.S. Treasury Department, who conducted the benchmark survey of U.S. portfolio investment abroad and by Diane Oberg and staff of the Bureau of the Census' Foreign Trade Division, who conducted the study of "residual" seasonality for goods.