Box: Acknowledgments

The revised estimates were prepared under the general direction of Anthony DiLullo, with the assistance of Cynthia Thompson and the staff of the Balance of Payments Division. Russell Scholl, Harlan King, Christopher Gohrband, Elena Nguyen, and Erich Reuter prepared the benchmark estimates of foreign portfolio investment in the United States and U.S. portfolio investment abroad and related income accounts; Russell Scholl, Christopher Gohrband, Harlan King, Joshua Burkholder, and the staff of the International Investment Division (IID), the reclassified estimates of financial intermediaries; Barbara Berman, the revised estimates of banks' foreign currency income; Michael Mann, the staff of the Current-Account Services Branch, and David Galler of IID, the reclassification of service transactions; Kwok Lee and the staff of the Goods Branch, the revised estimates of goods, and John Rutter, the estimates of prepackaged software.

The benchmark estimates for U.S. direct investment abroad were prepared under the supervision of Patricia Walker of IID. Other revisions to the direct investment accounts were prepared by Mark New and Gregory Fouch and their staffs.

Special assistance was provided by Milton Pappas and William Griever of the U.S. Treasury Department who conducted the benchmark survey of U.S. portfolio investment abroad, by William Griever who conducted the benchmark survey of foreign portfolio investment in the United States, and by Diane Oberg and the staff of the Bureau of the Census' Foreign Trade Division, who conducted the study of "residual" seasonality of goods.