Box: Acknowledgments

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) would like to thank the staffs of the U.S. companies that responded to the 1994 benchmark survey for their efforts in completing and filing the reports and for their cooperation with BEA during the processing and reviewing of the data.

Gerald A. Pollack, Associate Director for International Economics, provided general guidance for the survey. Betty L. Barker, former Chief of the International Investment Division (IID), and R. David Belli, Assistant Chief, directed the design of the benchmark survey forms, the conduct of the survey, and the analysis and publication of the results.

The Direct Investment Abroad Branch, under the direction of Patricia C. Walker, was primarily responsible for conducting the survey. James Y. Shin, Chief of the Annual and Benchmark Surveys Section, supervised the editing and processing of the reports.

The following IID staff processed and edited the survey: Joan O. Adams, Chester C. Braham, Barbara S. Clark, Margo A. Collier, Emily D. Curry, Laura A. Downey, Marcia S. Francis, David N. Hale, Stephanie L. Henderson, Jeanne Hicks, Barbara K. Hubbard, Marie K. Laddomada, Christine J. Lee, Nefertari Lee, Sherry Lee, Leila C. Morrison, Juanita L. Mortimer, Sidney Moskowitz, John A. Munz, Pearl Rivers, Ronald L. Ross, William R. Shupe, Gary M. Solamon, Dwayne Torney, Diann L. Vann, and Andrea Wright.

Mahnaz Fahim-Nader and Raymond J. Mataloni, Jr., under the direction of Obie Whichard, Chief of the Research Branch, assisted in the review of the survey results for consistency and accuracy. Mark W. New, Chief of the Quarterly Surveys Section, and David H. Galler, Chief of the Annual and Benchmark Surveys Section of the Foreign Direct Investment in the United States Branch, also assisted in the review. Deanna D. Ibarra designed the computer programs for data review.

Smith W. Allnutt, Chief of the Data Retrieval and Analysis Branch, supervised the computer programming for data estimation and tabulation. Arnold Gilbert designed the computer programs used to derive the estimates for unreported data, to generate the tables, and to prevent the disclosure of company-specific data. Robert Price and Irving Skinner assisted in deriving the estimates for unreported data. Peter T. Bowman and Suet Ng assisted in generating, and performing disclosure analysis on, the tables.

Stephen P. Holliday, Chief, Re-engineering Support Branch of the Computer Systems and Services Division, coordinated the computer programming and data conversion and processing activities that were performed by Elizabeth L. Shumate, Brenda J. Bolden, Effie M. Eason, and Janice E. Townsend.