Table 12.—U.S. Trade in Goods Associated with Nonbank U.S. MNC's, Selected Years

[Millions of dollars]

1982 1989 1993 1994
MNC-associated U.S. exports, total163,383236,371274,666337,036
Intra-MNC trade46,55989,539113,762128,955
Shipped by U.S. parents to their MOFA's44,320 86,050106,827125,423
Shipped by U.S. parents to their other foreign affiliates2,2393,4896,9353,532
MNC trade with others116,825146,832160,905208,081
Shipped by U.S. parents to other foreigners106,666133,813142,953182,940
Of which:
Shipped to foreign parent groups of U.S. parentsn.a.10,41312,87419,599
Shipped to foreign affiliates by other U.S. persons10,15913,01917,95225,141
To MOFA's8,43211,43717,29422,349
To other foreign affiliates1,7271,5826582,792
MNC-associated U.S. imports, total120,768201,182223,901251,345
Intra-MNC trade41,59877,30797,112109,662
Shipped by MOFA's to U.S. parents38,533 71,28393,205103,502
Shipped by other foreign affiliates to U.S. parents3,0656,0243,9076,160
MNC trade with others79,170123,875126,789141,683
Shipped by other foreigners to U.S. parents69,363103,788109,268121,179
Of which:
Shipped by foreign parent groups of U.S. parentsn.a.32,39835,88533,383
Shipped by foreign affiliates to other U.S. persons9,80720,08717,52120,504
By MOFA's7,56713,01514,77214,672
By other foreign affiliates2,2407,0722,7495,832
All U.S. exports of goods212,275363,836465,090512,627
MNC-associated U.S. exports as a percentage of total77655966
Intra-MNC exports as a percentage of total22 252525
All U.S. imports of goods243,942473,647580,659663,256
MNC-associated U.S. imports as a percentage of total50423938
Intra-MNC imports as a percentage of total17 161717

NOTE.—There is a break-in-series between the 1993 and 1994 estimates. See the section "benchmark revisions" for details.

MNC Multinational company

MOFA Majority-owned foreign affiliate