Table 17.—Research and Development Intensity of Nonbank U.S. Parents and MOFA's and of All U.S. Businesses, by Industry, 1994

U.S. parents MOFA's Privately-funded R&D performed by all U.S. companies Measures of R&D intensity/1/
Privately-funded R&D expenditures (millions of dollars) R&D employment (thousands) Privately-funded R&D expenditures (millions of dollars) R&D employment (thousands) R&D expenditures (millions of dollars) R&D employment (thousands) Privately-funded R&D expenditures as a percentage of sales/2/ R&D employment as a percentage of total employment/3/
R&D-performing U.S. parents, 1994 R&D-performing MOFA's, 1994 All R&D-performing U.S. companies, 1993/4/ R&D-performing U.S. parents, 1994 R&D-performing MOFA's, 1994 All R&D-performing U.S. companies, 1993/4/
All industries79,552591.212,09792.495,521764.
Food and kindred products1,26012.42643.21,2989.
Chemicals and allied products17,935106.03,11921.116,74786.
Industrial chemicals4,19224.35083.95,27426.
Drugs 11,58363.52,10913.19,13342.311.36.612.215.99.412.1
Other 2,16118.25034.12,34017.
Primary metal industries4247.88.16464.
Ferrous 1191.22(*)2721.*).6
Nonferrous 3056.65.1374(/S/)
Fabricated metal products4294.479.89207.
Industrial machinery and equipment12,443102.42,03410.58,18297.
Computer and office equipment9,74971.91,5836.34,77865.
Other 2,69230.64514.23,40431.
Electronic and other electric equipment10,116 66.37979.211,28589.
Audio, video, and communications equipment1,85811.41781.93,213(/S/)
Electronic components6,74737.34394.85,08928.
Other 1,51117.61802.52,98328.
Tobacco products(/D/) .326.540(/S/)(/D/).
Textile products and apparel741.720.32883.
Lumber, wood, furniture, and fixtures224 1.322.22481.
Paper and allied products1,49414.21611.31,25210.
Printing and publishing1541.36(*)3092.*).8
Rubber and plastic products7757.22502.31,09213.
Stone, clay, and glass products5603.940.75355.
Transportation equipment18,372108.12,81223.617,063147.
Motor vehicles and equipment13,13847.92,66321.610,65245.
Other transportation equipment5,23360.21492.06,411(/S/)
Instruments and related products5,29548.64514.17,521(/S/)
Other (/D/)4.159.4n.a.n.a.(/D/)2.1n.a.5.62.2n.a.
Wholesale trade1,38511.41,0715.2n.a.n.a.1.41.6n.a.5.53.8n.a.
Durable goods1,1379.46683.1n.a.n.a.1.91.6n.a.6.93.4n.a.
Nondurable goods2482.04022.1n.a.n.a..61.5n.a.2.84.6n.a.
Of which:
Computer and data processing services2,079 36.91441.9n.a.n.a.9.55.1n.a.21.414.1n.a.
Engineering and architectural services86(/D/)3(*)n.a.n.a.4.3.6n.a.3.6(*)n.a.

D Data suppressed to avoid the disclosure of data of individual companies.

S Data withheld by National Science Foundation because of imputation of more than 50 percent.

1. Comparisons between the research-intensity measures for R&D-performing U.S. parents and MOFA's and all R&D performing U.S. companies should be viewed as approximate; see footnote 30 in text.

2. Sales used to calculate shares exclude sales of companies with no R&D.

3. Employment used to calculate shares excludes employment of companies with no R&D.

4. These shares are calculated from 1994 estimates in National Science Foundation, Research and Development in Industry: 1993, NSF 96-304 (Arlington, VA, 1996). The data cover all R&D-performing U.S. companies, including depository institutions.

5. Consists of retail trade; finance, except depository institutions; insurance; real estate; and other industries.

MOFA Majority-owned foreign affiliate

R&D Research and development