Table 2.—Sources of Change in Selected Data Items for Nonbank U.S. Parents and Their Nonbank Foreign Affiliates, 1993-94

Line Millions of dollars Number of employees (thousands)
Total assets Sales
11993 level6,053,3063,480,77817,536.9
2Total change573,656476,2961,410.5
3Benchmark revisions/1/454,429 447,8771,408.9
4Actual changes in parent operations in 1994119,22728,4191.6
5New parents/2/65,487 38,301179.8
6Changes in existing operations76,83118,38143.4
7Sales or liquidations/3/-23,091-28,263-221.6
81994 level6,626,9623,957,07418,947.4
91993 level2,047,3071,570,5636,684.6
10Total change312,657184,289273.1
11Benchmark revisions/1/96,091 62,657387.1
12Actual changes in affiliate operations in 1994216,566121,632-114.0
13New affiliates64,33421,320182.9
Of which:
14Acquisitions 35,30812,537122.7
15Establishments 29,0268,78360.2
16Changes in existing operations176,255108,578-114.6
17Sales or liquidations-24,023-8,266-182.3
181994 level2,359,9641,754,8526,957.7
Benchmark revisions as a percentage of 1994 level:
19Parents 7117
20Affiliates 446
Benchmark revisions as a percentage of 1993-94 change:
21Parents 7994100
22Affiliates 3134n.m.

1. Includes some actual changes in parent and affiliate operations that could not be allocated because of incomplete information. For a description of the sources of benchmark revisions, see appendix.

2. This line represents parents that established or acquired their first foreign affiliate in 1994.

3. This line represents parents that sold or liquidated their last foreign affiliate in 1994.

NOTE.—Lines 6 and 16 include changes resulting from parents or affiliates acquiring, establishing, selling, or liquidating parts of their consolidated operations. BEA permits survey respondents to fully consolidate their parent operations and to consolidate affiliate operations that are in the same country and industry or that are integral parts of a single business operation.

n.m. Not meaningful.