Table 3.—Acquisitions and Establishments of Nonbank Foreign Affiliates by Major Area and Industry of Affiliate, 1994

Number of acquisitions and establishments Millions of dollars Number of employees (thousands)
Total Acquisitions Establishments Total assets Sales
All areas, all industries917 35456364,33421,320182.9
By major area
Canada 6528376,6565,10428.3
Latin America and Other Western Hemisphere1695211710,3662,40829.3
Middle East81730630.4
Asia and Pacific218601589,6842,54343.1
European Union (12)33316017333,8169,43157.2
By major industry
Petroleum 5515402,4214803.0
Food and kindred products3616201,8451,85419.3
Chemicals and allied products4514311,8661,0116.2
Primary and fabricated metals231586434664.4
Industrial machinery and equipment4823252,5661,83011.7
Electronic and other electric equipment44 281676556724.6
Transportation equipment177106427426.5
Other manufacturing9246463,4991,98123.1
Wholesale trade191761153,7584,26513.3
Finance (except depository institutions), insurance, and real estate1713114029,6831,0524.2
Other industries77334411,5325,49142.8

NOTE.—The data in this table cover only newly acquired or established foreign affiliates. They exclude data for consolidated units of existing foreign affiliates that were acquired or established during the year.