Box: Acknowledgments

Mark A. Planting supervised the preparation of the 1996 annual input-output (I-O) estimates. Sumiye O. Okubo, Associate Director for Industry Accounts, and Ann M. Lawson, Chief of the Industry Economics Division, provided overall guidance. Peter D. Kuhbach, Greg R. Linder, Demian J. McGarry, Will H. Nicolls, Robert S. Robinowitz, and Regina K. Villasmil prepared the estimates. Karen J. Horowitz provided valuable technical assistance. Bingsong S. Fang, Jiemin X. Guo, and Simon N. Randrianarivel of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. Department of Transportation, also contributed to the preparation of the estimates.

The price indexes were prepared under the direction of Robert E. Yuskavage, with contributions by Felicia V. Candela, Peter J. Lee, Tameka R. Lee, Sherlene K. S. Lum, Kimberly A. Mourey, Brian C. Moyer, and Robert A. Sylvester.

Special thanks to Alan C. Lorish, Jr., Chief of the Computer Systems and Services Division, and to members of his staff—particularly Stephen P. Holliday, Janice E. Townsend, Tara Fogarty, and Ross Metzger—for their assistance in building the data-processing application used to prepare the 1996 annual I-O estimates.