Table 13.—Revisions to Personal Income and Its Disposition

[Billions of dollars]

1959 1982 1987 1992 1993 1994
Personal income2.327.875.3109.9104.148.5
By source of revision
Improved measure of depreciation1.922.325.934.433.039.6
By component
Wage and salary disbursements0.611.511.69.8-37.9
Other labor income0025.022.625.621.2
Proprietors' income with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments-1.2-.8-17.3-9.2-21.6-22.8
Rental income of persons with capital consumption adjustment3.525.742.386.178.488.9
Personal dividend income0-.2.7-
Personal interest income02.411.92.09.4-2.4
Transfer payments to persons001.12.0-4.7-7.1
Less: Personal contributions for social insurance00.1-.3-1.7-3.3
Less: Personal tax and nontax payments001.71.93.5-10.7
Equals: Disposable personal income2.327.773.6107.9100.659.2
Less: Personal outlays021.747.283.276.770.0
Personal consumption expenditures017.642.382.975.970.3
Interest paid by persons00-.8.3.7-.4
Personal transfer payments to rest of the world (net)
Equals: Personal saving2.36.026.424.723.8-10.8
Personal saving as a percent of disposable personal income.