Box: Data Availability

The estimates from the national income and product accounts (NIPA's) that are prepared by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) are available on three World Wide Web sites and in a variety of other media.

Web sites

Other media

The NIPA estimates are published monthly in the SURVEY; to subscribe, call the Superintendent of Documents of the U.S. Government Printing Office at 202–512–1800.

Summary information on the estimates of GDP and of personal income is available in a recorded telephone message at the time of release. For the GDP estimates, call 202–606–5306; for the estimates of personal income and outlays, call 202–606–5303.

The NIPA estimates are also available on diskettes or printouts from BEA. For a description of these products and for other information about BEA's programs and products, see the "User's Guide to BEA Information" on the BEA Web site. To order products from BEA using Visa or MasterCard, call the Order Desk at 1–800–704–0415 (outside the United States, 202–606–9666).