Table 2.—Methodology Used in Preparing Estimates of Real GDP—Continued

Component Subcomponent Deflation, using price based on— Using quantity for—
Components of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Producer Price Index (PPI) Other Extrapolation Direct valuation
Personal consumption expenditures—Continued Services—Continued:
Motor vehicle and other repair, other purchased intercity transportation, legal and funeral services, barbershops and beauty parlors, nursing homes, laundries, employment agency fees, accounting and tax return preparation services, recreation (except cable TV, casino gambling, parimutuel net receipts, and lotteries), hotels and motels, and other education and research Except as noted, CPI; private for-profit nursing homes, PPI. Private nonprofit nursing homes, composite index of input prices from the Health Care Financing Administration; clubs and fraternal organizations, and other education and research, BEA composite index of input prices.
Physicians, dentists, and other professional medical services Except as noted, CPI; physicians, PPI.
Private nursery, elementary, and secondary schools, day care, welfare activities, and trade unions and professional associations BEA composite indexes of input prices.
Public education and hospitals, water and other sanitary services, and lotteries Except as noted, CPI; public hospitals, PPI.
Financial services furnished without payment by banks, credit agencies, and investment companies./1/ Paid employee hours of relevant financial institutions.
Brokerage charges and investment counseling, bank service charges, intercity transportation except other, and private higher education Except as noted, CPI Airline transportation, BEA index based on revenue per passenger mile from the Department of Transportation and trade source, and CPI for airline fares; private higher education, BEA composite index of input prices. Stock brokerage charges, BEA orders, derived from volume data from the Securities and Exchange Commission and trade sources.
Domestic services CPI

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