Table 2.—Methodology Used in Preparing Estimates of Real GDP—Continued

Component Subcomponent Deflation, using price based on— Using quantity for—
Components of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Producer Price Index (PPI) Other Extrapolation Direct valuation
Personal consumption expenditures—Continued Services—Continued:
Insurance, private hospitals, religious activities, cable TV, utilities, and local transport Except as noted, CPI; private for-profit hospitals, PPI Life insurance and religious activities, BEA composite indexes of input prices; private nonprofit hospitals, composite index of input prices from the Health Care Financing Administration. Auto insurance, premiums deflated by CPI; health insurance, benefits deflated by CPI.
Foreign travel by U.S. residents less expenditures in the United States by nonresidents Expenditures in the United States, CPI Foreign travel, BEA composite index of foreign consumer price indexes (exchange-rate adjusted).
Other services: Casino gambling, and parimutuel net receipts; other housing except hotels and motels; bridge, etc., tolls; other household operation except repairs and insurance; travel and entertainment card fees; stenographic and reproduction services; and money orders and classified advertising Except as noted, CPI Parimutuel net receipts, gross winnings deflated by CPI.
Fixed investment Nonresidential structures:
Utilities Gas and petroleum pipelines, PPI. Telecommunications, cost index from trade source; railroads, BEA price index; other, cost indexes from government agencies and trade sources.
Mining exploration, shafts, and wells Casing, PPI Exploration, cost index from trade source; mines, implicit price deflator for nonfarm nonresidential buildings. Drilling, footage by geographic area from trade source.
Nonfarm buildings and structures Buildings, BEA index based on cost index from trade source and on Census Bureau price deflator for single-family houses under construction; structures, cost indexes from government agencies.
Farm buildings Implicit price deflator for nonfarm nonresidential buildings.

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