Table 2.—Methodology Used in Preparing Estimates of Real GDP—Continued

Component Subcomponent Deflation, using price based on— Using quantity for—
Components of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or the Producer Price Index (PPI) Other Extrapolation Direct valuation
Government consumption expenditures and gross investment—Continued State and local brokerage charges and financial services furnished without payment See entries under personal consumption expenditures for services.
State and local consumption of general government fixed capital Perpetual-inventory calculations, based on gross investment.
State and local investment in equipment and consumption expenditures, except compensation, consumption of fixed capital, brokerage charges, and financial services furnished without payment Services, except as noted, and goods used in maintenance and repair, CPI; goods, except as noted, and electricity, PPI Transportation, books, and postal services, BEA indexes based on Department of Defense prices paid; computers, BEA price index, Bureau of Labor Statistics import price indexes, and PPI

1. Also referred to as "services furnished without payment by financial intermediaries, except life insurance carriers and private noninsured pension plans."

2. Estimates of real exports and imports of goods and services are prepared separately. Real receipts and payments of factor income from the rest of the world—the difference between GDP and GNP—are prepared by deflation using the implicit price deflator for final sales to domestic purchasers except for imputed interest paid to nonresidents, which is prepared by extrapolation using paid employee hours of relevant institutions.

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